Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Leaving Tucson for the Summer

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Within the next week or so, I am leaving Tucson; and going to New Mexico via Grey Hound. 

I am leaving with only a few books, a set of clothes, two disaster blankets and no money.

If this is the beginning of my voyage, it  began without any fanfare - was hardly even noticed; indeed little more than mere roar ... a mirror.

My notebook got stolen a few months back, but I am still working on one million recitations of the ''Sheckai Pua'' mantra:

Chi Rho Monogram, aka Sheckai Pua
Chi Rho


Om, yah el ushua vouieyah, alloya shuovia (eloha/eloia).  Qu Rreah ([Qu Ohr/Rho/Ohr] Core Roar) Sseah (uni)Tau (ovum), Ushua Voila: Joi Vu Shiallah Ael / Immanuael Aeon Neo, Vwoish.

Notebook: Stolen
Pre-Existing, Nameless, Formlessness
Egg Ptah, Ouea; Hen Eu Ix Lea
Yao Dao Tau Ouviyah
Oueshe Viyahshe High Yah


I Love You
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me

Ichiban (the FIRST/LAST) = X Paternitas Deuix Phaeton a la Crois aka Yah El Ushua Vouieyah aka Jesus Christ almighty lord; the one at the right hand of YOD - at the position of the '"Vouieyah Portal''.

The one with ''authority'' over the 7th day, in the position of rest & perceiving the entirety; the station of our Infinite Aeon Sophia; whom is otherwise known as Alloya Shuovia. 


Essentially Yah El Ushua Vouieyah's divine body feminine counterpart, with his two shu's (witnesses) who were with him when the ''Logoi Core / Source of Emanation'' came forth; which is the ''MATRIX'':

Joi Vu Shiallah Ael
Immanuael Aeon Neo

Whom we owe our hearts, our souls, our entire physiomorphological embodyments unto - every breath we have taken and will take; every heart beat pulse - every cell inside of our bodies ...

One of the roots of: XP / QRSTUVW:

Jainism / Black-Red-White-Yellow | Green

the 24 elders, surrounding the throne of adonai:

Guardians of the Base 8 Dual Infinity Processor / Playing Field

The Original Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism

The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A Practical Guide to the Core of Yoga

Zazen, Spin the Cyn; Internally into the DAO

The millennia old Khechari Yantra, described in the Mantotara Tantra, with its 64 petals,
is associated with both the 64 Yoginis and the 64 Tantric Kriyas,
Ushua Ovum, Gaia Maitreya Centrum; Logoi Core Source of Emanation IAEYAHESHKA; Unto the Heart of Ea Shalom - Ovum I atone.

We should be atoning Av/Four the root Babylonian sins; which are: the Blasphemy & Mockery of the Septriadt - the sins of Ivan Gregory & the Beast from JKL Island; as well as our own egregious sins.





Seven Deadly Sins

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