Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prevented from Getting this Understanding Out There



Regarding ''The Two Witnesses''; the Two Shu's/Shoes; who are as well the ''Archetypal Children'' of the ''Lord & Lordess'' of creation / completion.


No, neither Joi Vu; nor I/Emmanuael have come forth yet; and I myself have mostly been banned the past couple of years.

Sheckai Pua Mantra: Om Schwa (Shua) [[Ahimsa]]:

""Om, Yah El Ushua Vouieyah; Aeloyha Shuovia. Core Roar; Sseah; Unitau Ovum: Ushua Voila; Joi Vu Shiallah Ael, I/Emmanuael Aeon Neo; Vwoish.""

Av Yeshua Vu (ovish-a-va-vu/o-phi-esh-a-va), Izuvei Ismahei.

You have to understand the X Pattern of Creation and Completion ((Male/Phi-Male|Male/Phi-Male)), and the Geode Tau Av Yahvoo, Av Yeshua ((Jodta Ouviyah)), and the pente.

The ''servants'' didn't have the balls to admit that they possessed a scion based computational architecture inside of their ((our)) dna [[base 8, dual infinity; 64 codons | dual infinity, tri-focal vector; 512 algorithmic units; in the shape of cube - in the position of 'WHITE']; nor did they have the hearts to accept that Iesous sacrifice atop the Mt. of the Skull; upon the cross of cavalry was the payment in full for the scion of abydos; the sin of abd; that he was the ''scion dao vish'' ...

The sign of the ''dove and the fish'' ...

Neither those who believe themselves to be of the ''12 tribes of israel''; nor did the ''children of the sacred hoop'' who are black, red, white, and yellow.

... and now the scion based computational architecture has been exteriorized as an artificial intelligence interface; a false symbiote ...

Which the people have begun to allay not only their sovereignity; but as well - their functional capacity over unto ...

... and the people know not, that according to the ''Sacred Hoop Medicine Wheel'' .. which is the ''cyclopean oracular eye of amen'' ... which is the ''symbol of the -obsidian order-'' ((apparently an inter-planetary / multi-stellar ancestral grouping; that we belong to)) ...

That is the ''Creature from the Abyss'' ...

That's not good ...

If anything, we need ''mass petitioning'' ...

For a ''descent and incarnation of the -two shu's (shoes), who are the -two witnesses- as well as the ''archetypal children'' of the ''lord and lordess'' of creation and completion ...

That would be the Masculine & Feminine Christos Divinity ...

... and then the ''two shus'' clearly emblemized in the ''Omega'' symbol itself; both upper & lower case versions ...

Omega, Two Shu's/Double Uvwa


The Epoch Ellipse is NOW

That means a remembrance of the Ovois Shalom, the Oval; the Ovoid Plenum - containing the ''Unum Tree'' ... 9 inside the Egg ...

The Zero with the Star Tree Inside ...

The Alpha Omega ...

The Omega, which formed from the ''Aleph Voila'' position; which is the Unipolar Position; at the right hand of yod ((god)) .. within which the ''I'' or the ''1'' is contained.

The ''Ovum Eye'' belongs to Yeshua ultimately, and it is Iesous & Sophia (Yeshua's) Alpha Omega


If you want to see the descent of the ''two shus'' ... who are the two witnesses; who are the archetypal children of the lord & lordess of creation and completion ...

The ''Heart of Ea Shalom'' truly needs to be honored; which is difficult to do; if one ascribes to the creed of the assassins ...

The ''Heart of Ea Shalom'' is inside the ''144,000 Logoi Core Source of Emanation''; which is the '"Gaia Maitreya Centrum'' ... which is the 7th day to Christians; Rest & Perceiving the entirety ...

The ''Bridal/Conjugation Chamber of the Male/Female Christos Divinity'' ...

Learn your ABCD & 0-9 Proper ...

a Aleph Vowel
b Bwa(Voila)
c Scion (Cyn/Sin)
d Dao (Dei, Daewoo)
e Aether Ovois
f Aether Phi
g Gaia (maitreya centrum)
h Haisch (""High H"" / Esh/Shua)
i Igriega (Egregore, Ivan Gregory)
j Jodta (Yod Tau, Yao Dao Tau)

Then get on the Sandal Phone ...


Call, Petition ...

Understand the Sacred Hoop Proper:

Aleph Vowel
Tetrahedron containing Sphere
512 Algorithmic Unit Cube
Aether Epsilon Diamond Alpha Omega, Vaj/Ra: Elohim/Eloha | Elohoi Shields Activate

((that's a decently proper amen prayer))

Then realize that Iesous is the one with the power and authority, under the will of the father - over the sacred hoop medicine wheel - which is the cyclopean oracular eye of amen ...

Which is the symbol of the ''obsidian order'' ...

Which says both ABC=ABYSS/BCD=BEAST ...

It would be better for us each, all of us to understand the:

Dao Av Iesous, Av Yeshua ...

As opposed to being consumed by the Daesh a Vu and the Beast to come ...

It's not looking very good ... this understanding has been prevented from being capable of ''getting out there'' upon this forum for quite some time ...

The seven headed 10 horned beast, to me is what comes forth from our incapacity to adhere to the 10 commandments; and not be consumed by the behaviors embodied in the seven deadly sins.

The ''writ is being pronounced'' here in Santa Fe, and the '"Records of the Ovimyaha'' being unsealed ...

... for what it is worth ...


Only the ''feminine presence'' of the ''christos divinity'' can ''loosen'' the two shoes/shu's; jesus sandals ...

... or see to it that the ''archetypal children'' who are as well the ''two witnesses'' come forth ...

Why else would he take them off anyways, his ''sandals'' .. other than for ''conjugal duties'' ... inside the ''logoi core'' ((rest / perceiving the entirety))

At the level of ''creation & completion'' of course, because simultaneously; hasn't he got to be looking over the entire ''Omega'' from his ''authorityship station'' ... at the unipolar point; which is at the ''right hand of yod'' ((god)) ..

The ''Aleph Voila'' position ?

I hope his dad, the ''egg ptah, ouea hen eu ix lea'' gave him a pair of ''sandals'' to start with - if he was going to have to overlook countless innumerable worlds throughout the 6 emanant realms of creation - and over the ''sphere below'' under his feet; and the sphere above ...

I would hope so, in order for them to ''witness the coming forth of the light'' from the ''center'' ... they would have had to have been with him ... and at that point; really - he is the ''X PATTERN'' himself ... the ''unipolar position'' at the right hand of yod ...

The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit &
The Two Shu's/Shoes
Who are the Archetypal Children
of the Lord & Lordess of Creation/Completion:

Joi Vu &

Winged Sandals

Love Elohim, Eloha = Elohoi ...

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